Eat Seafood and Live Longer!

Hamilton Duncan

I was born and raised in New York City. Fresh food has always been apart of my life. My mother always took the time out to make our meals and every adult in my family cooked as well. The smells, smiles and calls for seconds are still with me today. Since my mom worked in Chinatown I've had this fascination with Asian Cuisine. The aromas were enticing, the cooking theatrical. It would be these moments that would lead me to visit every Asian neighborhood in any state I visited. Picking up odds and ends from chefs and some grandmothers. Eventually I would come to incorporate these techniques and recipes in my own cooking.

I am not a classically trained chef. My professional cooking life started in 1999 when I was in college, at a little place called Dixie's Tavern in Norfolk Virginia where I started as a dishwasher. I was able to learn prep and work my way up to a line cook. There would be numerous small kitchens after that. B&G's, Pizzerias, Bistros anywhere I could cook, learn and make a living. In 2002 I took a break and worked in an office for the next 6 years in order to make a better living for myself.

After growing tired of the big city I moved to Denver and my passion for cooking professionally was reignited. The atmosphere favored small businesses and good food. I noticed there weren't many great places so I struck out on my own to offer great food my way and started a catering business. During that time I've also worked with some amazing chef's and continue to learn and evolve my own cuisine. I'm living my dream and will continue to create soul warming goodness for anyone who wants a taste.